Gosia Gregorczyk


About Me


I am a creative artist and surface pattern designer based in Gdansk, Poland.

I obtained a master's degree in graphic design at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Poland.

Watercolours echo how I live my life - fluid, uninterrupted and enjoying every valuable moment. The fleeting and spontaneous nature goes hand
in hand with admiration and knowing that every day brings something new.

It is a powerful motivator and driver for me, I don’t like planning and following well-worn paths. I prefer independence and being surprised by life. 

When I start my day, I don’t assume what it will bring me. It is unknown,
and it consists of sensations, emotions, stories and desires. When I paint,
I get carried away by my emotions and this effect is visible in marks, stains and colours which carry a part of me. I strive to preserve the moment,
which later remains on paper.

If you would like to know something more about me and my work, the wonderful Magda Lidzbarska, who runs a wonderful blog about interiors, travels and beautiful everyday life, interviewed me and collected all this beautifully for you on her blog!

Stay up to date on my Instagram @mkonejn