Commission painting

Thank you so much for wanting to learn more about my commission painting.

Are you wondering how it works? Here are a few things that may help you understand how we can make your own custom painting!



What is a commission painting? 

Putting it simply, it's just painting something special for you. It can be a bouquet that has special meaning to you, e.g. commemorating a wedding bouquet or favourite flowers for mom. They can also be watercolors that perfectly match the interior of your home.

Commission paintings is always an inspiring challenge for me.

I love working with you to create the stirring art piece that accents not only the interior aspects but also your unique identity and likings.
I have always been sensitized to various color combinations visible in nature and art. I’ve been constantly deepening the nature of colours.

With this knowledge I can help you to select colors or develop overall painting concepts which create positive vibes in your place.

Unique art guarantee


Each painting commissioned by my collectors are truly unique and will not be made into reproductions or offered as any form of print. This artwork will be only yours. As the buyer, you have exclusive rights to display the artwork in your home, or you can give it as a gift, but please note that reselling or copying for profit is not permitted. However I will still share the piece on social media and I hope you do to!

Next step

All you have to do is contact me, and we can start our creative journey!